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Prelucrarea datelor de sanatate in domeniul medical

Romanian DPA leadership decided behind closed doors

The Romanian data protection authority (the ANSPDCP) has recently been the subject of worrying developments, and now the authority’s leadership is being decided in a hush-hush manner behind closed doors. On 20 November 2018, the current President of the ANSPDCP, Mrs. Ancuţa Opre, was nominated for re-appointment by the Social Democratic Party (PSD, of which she used to be a…

Președinta ANSPDCP a primit un nou mandat în fruntea autorității de protecție a datelor

Dna Ancuța Opre, președinta ANSPDCP în mandatul 2013-2018 a fost ieri numită din nou în fruntea autorității române de protecție a datelor. Întreaga procedură de numire s-a desfășurat foarte rapid, iar pentru funcția de președinte dna Opre a fost singura candidată. La mai puțin de o săptămână de când a fost audiată pe 20 octombrie de Comisia Juridică din Senat, dna Opre a…

Romania’s GDPR implementation law: A few national specifics

The October 2018 issue of Privacy Laws & Business International Report features our comments on the Romanian law implementing GDPR. You can subscribe to the report at here, and you can download our article here.

Facebook fined with the maximum amount by the Information Commissioner’s Office

Information Commissioner's Office has fined Facebook with the maximum amount allowed prior to GDPR (£500,000), after finding "serious breaches of data protection law" between 2007 and 2014. This is related to the previous business model of Facebook that gave app developers access to the personal data not only of the app users, but also their friends (even if they were…