Data Protection Newsletter – no.2/2020 February

This month in data protection news: ● See guidance from EU data protection authorities on how to process personal data in the context of COVID-19 ● Read about recent GDPR sanctions, including in the filed of telecoms ● Find out the recent guidelines from data protection authorities ● More GDPR news and further readings.

Data Protection News: December 2019

The end of December is usually a time for recollection, for looking back on the accomplishments and challenges of the year almost ending and setting the vision for the following revolution around the Sun. So, we’ve compiled a small list of documents offering an overview of data protection themes in the past year, to help you immerse in this reflective…

Guidance from Data Protection Authorities in 2019

Data Protection News: November 2019

November's data protection news: ● In a demoralising turn of events, the development of the ePrivacy Regulation proposal has come to a standstill ● Guidelines and reports from EU data protection authorities ● Cases and decisions from EU Member States ● Enforcement actions taken by National Data Protection Authorities ● Recommended articles.

ECJ case to settle what should be common sense on cookie consent

This week ECJ Advocate General Maciej Szpunar issued his Opinion on the Planet 49 Case – a case dealing with issues which should have been sufficiently clear not to bother the Court in the first place. Namely, it is about (a) pre-checked boxes as means to collect consent for placing cookies and (b) if, under the ePrivacy Directive, the same…