Body temperature readings

Some organizations are taking into consideration installing temperature scanners or other means of verifying the body temperature of staff and visitors, in their effort to protect the workplace against the spread of COVID-19. This is a sensitive topic which needs careful analysis by each company, especially with regard to the effectiveness of the devices used for this purpose, setting up…

Disclosing COVID-19 diagnosis

Companies explore whether they can disclose that someone has been diagnosed with COVID-19, in their efforts to protect staff and the general public. This article describes recent opinions published by EU Data Protection Authorities on the issue. Statement of the European Data Protection Board The EDPB, in its Statement on the processing of personal data in the context of the…

Data Protection Newsletter – no.2/2020 February

This month in data protection news: ● See guidance from EU data protection authorities on how to process personal data in the context of COVID-19 ● Read about recent GDPR sanctions, including in the filed of telecoms ● Find out the recent guidelines from data protection authorities ● More GDPR news and further readings.

Prelucrarea datelor de sanatate in domeniul medical